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published03/17/14 01:00:00AM

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APT Underlounge-DjLazor-DjOggy-DjKazuya-a-Raian


About APT Underlounge-DjLazor-DjOggy-DjKazuya-A-Raian


DJ LAZOR, originally from Japan has started DJ mid 90's and has been DJing full time in NYC. His style is fresh with seamless cuts and juggles that enhance the dance floor.

Currently he holds a residency at NYC's club M1-5 every weekend with serious Music Video Mixing and tons of dancing.

Make mash ups and own remixes.



DJ Ziko has started his career as a DJ back in the mid 90s in Japan. He dj at clubs based on Tokyo and traveling all over Japan, also, he does back dj for many R&B Singers in Japan. Sometime, we can find him on TV or big festival in Japan.
In addiction, he teaches DJ at High School in Tokyo, Host MC at events, Producing music, Video Editing as a V-DJ now.

He has done many video editing for APT Underlounge before and finally, we are more than welcome to have him a member of APT and AV8 Records in 2014.



DJ Oggy featured AV8 Records in NY now and making a lot of original music video editing and audio remixing for blazing at the clubs all over the world. And VDJing & DJing many palces in the world based on Los Angeles, CA.

And now, DJ Oggy is spinning as a resident VDJ every Friday and Saturday at one of the most famous night club "Club Mayan" in Los Angeles, CA.

He is mixing all music video with Rane Serato Scratch Live, Rane TTM57SL, Pioneer DVJ-1000, SVM-1000 and Tehnics SL-1200.

Also, DJ Oggy is member and founder of APT Underlonge and making Club Edits, Remixing music for more hyped for the crowds and making Video Edits for Video DJs all over the world.


[DJ KAZUYA] is member of APT Underlonge

DJ Kazuya has over 14 years career now, and he is one of the hardest workers for rocking parties mainly nightclubs, and djing for dance showcases in Japan.

Also, he has gigs more than 180 shows in a year. His mixing style is very fresh with dope skills and original techniques. A lot of young djs use his remixes, and club edits in their set specially, in Japan.


[Toshi aka A-RAIAN] is member of APT Underlounge
He is editor of video edits, remix and audio ver. too. Also MCing in Japan.








[Toshi aka A-Raian]





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published03/17/14 12:00:00AM

Fatman Scoop

What's New With Fatman Scoop

By: super_admin Posted In: site news  published04/15/14 12:00:00AM  

Scoop Booking 01B

Whats up everybody! 
I have been BUSTING MY ASS working on music and traveling! Finally had some time to sit down and hit u guys up! Recording, writing and working is hard work, but when you love what you do its a BLAST! One of my favorite parts of being "fatmanscoop" is performing and TRAVELING to all the places I do. Traveling so much i wound up getting a SUPERFICIAL blood clot in my leg (my leg is the size of the damn ELEPHANT MAN) but I am ok and still can travel! One of the places I traveled in the last couple of days was to perform at Coachella with Skrillex!!!!

Sonny (Skrillex) is one of my FAVORITE dudes I have ever dealt with in the music industry. He is a humble, real dude (for the money he makes that is RARE) I love his camp (manager, tour staff etc) and its fun being around them! About to work on a record with his OWSLA artist KILL THE NOISE and we have been talking about me doing a project with SKRILLEX (never done a full project) so lets see!

Anyway, here is SKRILLEX and I on stage at Coachella! The stage was WET so I couldn't run the way I like to!

I ALMOST BUST MY ASS UP THERE!!!! I was scared to be a Coachella highlight! shout to @glennjamm3 for the footage!!!

I LAUGHED MY ASS OFF when I saw how i jump. I can't JUMP for SHIT!!!!! Skrillex was jumping like SHAQ compared to me! I wanted to show you, but Atlantic Records shut the link down! SMH!!!!!


By the way, I got a new record that i am a part of that i ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!!! Its a song by a production duo called the SPANKERS and it features myself and my dude SOCA KING MACHEL MONTANO! I truly believe after you listen to it 1 TIME you will add it to your set!


machel scoop 1 copy


Scoop New Music 01C-1
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